Hang it. Stack it. Flip it.


Introducing the first ever wall mounted poster hanger. The easiest and most organized way to keep all legally required posters neatly hanging and accessible without taking up limited wall space.


Stay in Compliance

By law, all businesses must have OSHA Labor Law and other mandated, regulated and required government posters prominently displayed and readily available for employees to easily access at anytime. This Poster Hanger does just that.


Simplify your space

Clean up cluttered walls in shared kitchens, offices, classrooms and your home by using the Compliance Organized wall mounted poster hanger. The patented product guaranteed to streamline your back office and home walls.


Be Organized

Restaurants, retail spaces, educational institutions, and all other businesses required to hang labor and regulation posters can now do so in an organized and well-managed way with the Compliance Organized wall mounted poster hanger.


Extended Use

The wall mounted poster hanger has extended use beyond labor and regulation posters. The retractable frame can be used for a variety of needs from architectural and engineering drawings, to children’s artwork and classroom posters.


Different size posters? No problem! The rings are on a retractable unit which can be adjusted to meet the length requirements for different size posters - ranging from 20.5" closed to 36" open.

Complies with OSHA sized posters