Features Overview

This wall mounted poster hanger can be used for many different hanging needs. Born from the need to stack and hang government mandated compliance and other labor law posters, its multi-use has found its way into classrooms, restaurant kitchens, architect offices and homes where children’s art work can be on proud yet conspicuous display. The product is a metal, wall-mounted device made up of two arms, four rings and easily mounts to the wall with two screws. Once mounted the top arm of the device retracts from 20.5” to 36” and can hinge away at a 90 degree angel from the mounted arm— allowing posters to hang, stack and flip in an accessible and organized fashion.


Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 2.57.19 PM.png

Retractable Arm with Tab Dividers

The retractable feature allows you to fit any size poster and is in compliance with state and federal posters. The top arm retracts from 20.5" to 36."

Hole-punched, large plastic sleeve dividers are optional and come in four different sizes. Making it easy to slip posters and artwork of all shapes and sizes into the sleeves.

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Hinged Opening

The adjustable arm swings out at a 90 degree angle making it easy and accessible to flip to another poster or page you want to view.

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Wall Mounted

Easily screw the wall mounted poster hanger to the wall for secure mounting, especially when hanging multiple posters. Commercial grade, heavy duty wall mounting tapes may also be used.