The Product 

A CEO walked through the stairwell only to see OSHA posters lining the walls on both sides. She said, this is a poor choice for wall paper, find a solution!  This space saving device is what we came up with.  It's a double-arm, retractable, multi-ring device, equipped with a hinge that swings out to a 90 degree angle and can effortlessly be mounted on the wall. Having the ability to hinge away from the mounted arm for easy flipping and viewing, posters can be inserted into the plastic sleeves and tabbed for quick and easy access.  Different size posters? No problem! The rings are on a retractable unit which can be adjusted to meet the length requirements for different size posters - ranging from 12" closed to 36" open, complying with OSHA sized posters.  

Stay in Compliance

By law, businesses are allowed to stack OSHA and Labor Law posters one on top of another in order to save wall space, but posters must be readily available and easily accessible to employees at anytime. (Or be prepared to pay a hefty fine.) Most people don't realize that stacking these posters is a solution to declutter their walls however, the only product that is available to stack posters is tape or thumb tacks.  With this device, all posters can hang with each other, one in front of another.  Tabbed sleeve dividers can be utilized so anyone viewing the posters can quickly and efficiently access the appropriate poster. 

Be Organized & Save Space

Raise your hand if your office walls are cluttered and you're over finding space for Labor Law posters. With the this device by Compliance Organized, you can now neatly organize necessary compliance posters in one convenient and easy to access way. With this device, businesses can be compliant while keeping the posters readily accessible, yet have their wall space nice and organized. OSHA and Labor Law posters are not the only posters that need to be neatly hung. Restaurants can benefit when hanging their food compliance posters. Architects and Engineers can neatly hang and stack large blue prints. Teachers can use them for educational posters so they don’t always have to redecorate their rooms. It’s perfect for children’s art work to hang showcased on their wall rather than clutter the fridge.